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Eliott Allemand in the ""
Eliott Allemand in "The Flyer" 
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Eliott Allemand in the "Mountain Scene"
We're on TV!!
Eliott Allemand in the "Mountain Scene"
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Eliott Allemand in "The Flyer" 
New York Jazz Academy: "A week in the world of Jazz".

Greetings Everyone,


I just came back from a week at the New York Jazz Academy where I got to meet some incredible musicians from all over the world. I was part of 8 students who worked with famous Jazz artists to extend their knowledge of Jazz music. We had gigs all over New York City and got to watch many concerts throughout the week. I also participated in a "jam session" which took place in a popular Jazz bar in the heart of Times Square. Musicians came from far and wide and played together whatever songs they wanted. During the week I got to establish friendships with people from Australia, China, Japan, the United States of America and more. This was a truly exceptional experience and I am proud to have been a part in what was one of the weeks I will remember forever.


To my friends, and to everybody that supports me,


Thank you!

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