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“Music never ends, there’s always more”.


21yo Multi-Instrumentalist Eliott Allemand is best known for performing on multiple instruments including Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, and drums. Since 2020, Allemand gained worldwide attention while performing original songs and covers in packed streets around the world. His ability to arrange today’s pop hits into instrumental tracks that showcase his versatility is something audiences have never heard before! Whether it is to the smooth sound of a calming chord progression or the roaring tone of an energetic saxophone solo, crowds around the world are captivated and just cannot seem to get enough of Allemand’s talent.


“Putting myself in front of as many people as possible has always been my goal,” says Allemand. His technical ability on musical instruments as well as his exceptional talent for showmanship has earned him opportunities of upmost significance. Allemand has performed for  the world’s A-list celebrities and businessmen at private events all over the world including Hawaii, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, Thailand, Dubai, and many more.


Over his fairly short yet strong career, Allemand has already shared the stage with Snarky Puppy, Usher, Sona Jobarteh, Omar Hakim (Sting, Madonna, Daft Punk), Marty Walsh (Supertramp, Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers), and many more. His videos on social media have also gained the attention of the world’s top artists, including Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, the Kid Laroi, Tones and I, Gloria Gaynor, and Shakira just to name a few.


To his delight, Allemand is in extremely high demand for VIP events all over the world, with countless requests for performances pouring in every day. His passion for entertainment along with his unique talent and dedication have earned him international recognition with fans of all demographics. He is currently working on his debut album, and consequently his first official tour!


Born on September 22, 2002, in New Caledonia, Allemand embarked on his musical journey at an early age. His initial foray into music began with piano lessons in 2009. Practicing next to a drumset room, he was constantly exposed to the rhythms of drummers, sparking his interest in drumming at the age of eight.


At 11, Allemand's parents made a significant move to New Zealand, seeking a better and safer environment for their children. By this time, he was already proficient in piano and drums. It had always been his father's dream to play the saxophone. Upon settling in Queenstown, his father seized the opportunity and purchased the only saxophone available at a local music store. Despite initial difficulties, his father and mother attempted to play it.


Curious and eager, then 13-year-old Allemand requested to try the saxophone. Despite his parents' initial hesitations, he demonstrated remarkable talent, managing to play the sax riff from "Your Latest Trick" by Dire Straits within just 30 minutes of practice. This moment marked the discovery of his natural aptitude for the saxophone.

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